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We enjoy a long list of patrons subscribing to our SEO friendly Flash web designs, Flash animation presentations, banners, movies and more. We develop professional flash web sites and flash web page design that feature the complete range of interactive menu options including home page introduction, online demonstrations, graphic presentations, Flash logos etc. What differentiates Softwebworks from other offshore flash web design companies is that it creates unique and innovative design ideas, equilibrates it with the need of the end user and effectuates eye catching graphic designs via dynamic action scripting. Our service range includes:I have seen a lot of articles and reports recently talking about what Google is doing to the SEO world. What does this mean for the future of online marketers, or marketing consulting?It means that they need to start branching out, and fast. SEO doesnt meant link building and on site optimization anymore. It means that you have an intergrated and diversified online "portfolio" so to speak. Agencies need to start moving that direction. Instead of offering services that silo certain activites like link building, social media, pr, etc. it should move in the direction of doing it all together, at the same time. Lets Start with Some Google SearchesI was thinknig of planning a trip to Phoenix to visit family, so I took a reasearch detour.

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So, if you use the type, make sure to increase this contrast. 9. RulesThis is a sure point to spark a lot of debate and to divide all the designers of the room half proclaiming that there are no rules in design, the other protest, there are many. And technically, both are right. As with any skill, there are things you need to learn, and that includes general rules. Things like: make sure your type is legible, learn kern, do not use pixelated images, and so on.

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However, no designer can afford to spend large amounts of time putting together proposals that don't get accepted. I'm sure any freelance graphic designer with a mortgage can verify this. Sure, part of accurately bidding on design jobs comes from experience but there are some things you can do to help streamline your bidding process to weed out time wasters and land more legitimate clients. The first thing you should do is know what the other advertising agencies, design companies and freelance designers in your area are charging so that you can establish a guideline for what is a fair and acceptable hourly rate or flat fee. You don't want to charge too much but you don't want to be known as the cheapest in town either. I would personally rather bid too high than too low.