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The result should look like the following: However, the outcome seems too bright still. Lower the Opacity of the adjustment layer to about 33%. Step 9: Flatten the Image This all looks good to me at this point, and I’m going to call it done!To finish up, let’s flatten the image. Right click on any layer and choose Flatten Image from the menu that appears. Tutorial Summary That’s it!I hope you picked up something interesting in this coloring tutorial. I talked about several techniques such as cleaning up inks, creating flats, adding textures and using adjustment layers.

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The implications of this vary across design disciplines. In architecture, the parametric movement dubbed Parametricism 2. 0 demonstrates the potential of technologically enhanced creativity. Its implications are already being explored in the gaming industry, as we design virtual environments and large virtual cities. Just take a look at the game No Man’s Sky—it relies on a procedurally generated deterministic open universe, which includes over 18 quintillion 1. 81019 planets.