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Programs such as Photoshop come into handy when wanting to fix a mediocre picture you may have took, into consisting of more or less contrast, hierarchy, placement, cropping, fixing, etc. You can also use Photoshop to combine or manipulate images so that a new mood or composition is created all together. Though it is possible to add text in this program, InDesign is the most reliable and easy when it comes to layout and text formatting. Layout, publication, and package designs are most often made using InDesign, for its ability to create grids, and arrange text is most effective. When a designer wants to create vector images those that wont be destroyed in pixels after enlargement, or simply make more clean and concise designs such as logos or complex illustrations, Illustrator is the go to program. Its ability to help designers and artists bring their ideas to life on the computer is remarkable.

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He was a founding partner of the noted firm, AdamsMorioka. He is the current national president of AIGA, and the only two term AIGA national president in the organization's 100 year history. Adams has served on the AIGA national board three times, and was AIGA Los Angeles president. In 2014, Adams was awarded the AIGA Medal, the highest honor in the profession. He is an AIGA Fellow, and Fellow of the International Design Conference at Aspen. Adams is an author of multiple magazine columns and several bestselling books.

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Not Getting a Down Payment Most Graphic Designers usually receive half of the agreed upon price up front. This is a fair way to do business with all of your clients. 5. Forgetting to Sign a ContractYou must always keep up with the latest graphic design trends, graphic design software, etc. The Graphic Artists Guide Handbook is also a must have for any professional graphic designer. Always be sure to keep your software up to date. 8. Not Setting a Deadline Not setting a deadline and sticking to it is a common mistake that is often overlooked and should be included in the agreed upon contract. Urgency to get the job done for the client should be a number one priority. 9. Investing in Too Much Software This is another mistake that a lot of graphic designers who are just starting out make.